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› French Schools No Longer Allowed To Offer Special Lunches To Muslim Students

Wow. I’m a HUGE advocate of the separation of church and state, but this? How is offering something that just doesn’t contain pork introducing religion??? Hell, we always had a fish option on Fridays for Catholic students in Memphis City Schools. Guess what? We all ate it cause that fried catfish was delicious. 

On a similarly related note, it’s amazing to me how different conservative parties can be from country to country, all while holding similar overall views. I had a whole lot more to add to that, but decided against it .

› German Muslim Woman's Perspective on European Racism


thank you for your post on european racism. now i am aware that, as a muslim woman, i would probably face prejudice and discrimination in every western country, be it in europe or america, but i just wanted to share an experience i made in germany where i live (born and raised).

just three years…

That absolutely blows my mind.

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